Neighborhood Leaders

Meet some of the volunteers behind this campaign, people who love this neighborhood and are fighting for basic respect from City Hall.

"I am part of these clean-ups because I truly care about the community. I feel like this neighborhood and its culture I'm really connected to. And because of that, I owe it a great deal."

- Ashley, FBOWB Volunteer


"A lot of [this trash] is because we've been neglected...I'm extremely proud to be a part of this [group] because we've seen so much growth and we've seen the ability to work together as a community."

- Jennifer Omana, Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council

"I decided to volunteer because I care about my community and I made a promise to Boyle Heights that I was going to come back and give back... Every time I'm done cleaning I feel good. Every time I leave a clean-up I feel like I left an impact."

- Alexis Leal, FBOWB Co-Secretary

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"This trash is unbelievable, I can't believe that it's gotten to this point. This is ridiculous, unsanitary, this is something else. What [is the City] doing with the money that they're funded?"

- Lupe Lopez, Member of the Brown Berets

"Honestly, [this trash] is pretty exhausting to see it every day not being picked up. I know it's gotten worse during the pandemic especially with no sanitation trucks coming at all. No street sweeping. And the problem is just getting worse."

- Jocelyn Silva, Volunteer

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