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We need to do more to protest the conditions our family and friends are forced to endure by the lack of resources the City puts into cleaning services for our neighborhood! In addition to joining us for Community Clean-Ups, we need your help in contacting our city officials and holding them accountable for the streets they serve. 

Councilmember Kevin De Leon is unfit to representing our district The now leaked audio of an October 2021 conversation over communities of color and his encouragement of an illegitimate redistricting process only further prove that KDL does not have our best interests at heart, and he should resign immediately.

Listen to the full recordings here: https://www.reddit.com/user/Honest-Finding-1581/

Use the resources below to call KDL and tell him to resign! 

If you live in Boyle Heights, these are the local representatives responsible for the trash you see on the streets every day. Contact their offices and let them know that you support roaming cleaning crews to keep our streets clean! 


*Because East LA is an unincorporated area of LA County, East LA residents do not have direct representation by City Hall. Rather, the County Board of Supervisors is responsible for your municipal or "City" services. Still, it is important that we advocate for one another as this issue spans multiple jurisdictions and knows no boundaries. 

Kevin De León

Los Angeles City Councilmember CD14

CALL: (323) 526-9332

Keith Mozee

Bureau of Street Services (StreetsLA)

Executive Director and General Manager

CALL: (800) 996-2489

Barbara Romero

LA Sanitation & Environment

Director and General Manager

CALL: (800) 773-2489

Greg Good

Los Angeles City Board of Public Works Commissioner 

CALL: 311

Look up your local Elected Officials to let them know to hold EACH OTHER accountable! 

You might also be interested in visiting a certain Department's website or Social Media page. Please use the information below to browse through all of Los Angeles' Departments & Bureaus.

Neighborhood Council Resolution

THE MOST IMPORTANT Environmental Resolution was passed by the Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council on April 27th. This resolution will help us hold our elected officials accountable and to have basic transparency with constituents. We ask that you all support this resolution and share it widely. LA LUCHA SIGUE! Be a part of the battle for clean and dignified streets. LOVE AND RESPECT TO ALL ❤️🧹

Read the full resolution below: 

Resolution: Environmental Racism in Boyle Heights.pdf

Share Our Brochure

Please download and share our brochure with your friends, family, and neighbors. 


Sign the Petition! 

Help us bring awareness to the City by signing our Change.org petition and sharing it with friends!