EKCO Metals & Vulcan Materials Company

On April 22, 2023, we will be hosting a community clean up at the corner of Washington Blvd. /Soto St. This locations is very polluted, there is trash everywhere, and clearly neglected. Both EKCO Metals and Vulcan Materials are across the street from each other.

The evidence is clear: ECKO Metals and Vulcan Materials have polluted our neighborhood without regard or consequences for years. Tons of loose dirt with other possible toxic materials are blowing into Boyle Heights down Soto Street all the way up to 7th street two miles down. These companies must be held accountable!

EKCO Metals Entrance at 2777 E Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90023

Part of the hard work that needs to be done aside from the clean up is to actually get the city departments and state agencies to work correctly and clean it and maintain it properly. 

We have two months before the clean up. In that time we encourage folks to go see this area for themselves. Take photos. Take videos.  Email the CA EPA. Call our representatives. End this disrespect and neglect



This is where you can submit an environmental complaint to California Environmental Protection Agency (CAEPA). The environmental complaint website allows you to easily report an environmental problem, including the party responsible for the problem.  Please use the complaint form to provide as much information as possible, including photos/videos. Once the complaint is submitted it will be sent to the appropriate state/local agencies, depending on the location and type of environmental problem. 

Please let Miguel Santiago’s office know via. email once you submit a complaint! Below is the contact:

Crystal Meza (she/her)

Field Representative

Office of Assemblymember Miguel Santiago, 54th Assembly District 

Office (213) 620-4646 | Fax (213) 620-6319



Also please call and email offices of Kevin De Leon and Hilda Soils and ask the following

1. When Kevin de Leon's “Clean Streets Now” program going to start? 

2. Will his program help clean Washington Blvd and Soto St.? What about other unincorporated areas of East LA?

3. When will the sidewalks heading South towards Washington Blvd be fixed? When will they be walkable?