Our Mission

"Community is the spirit, the guiding light of the tribe, whereby people come together in order to fulfill a specific purpose, to help others fulfill their purpose, and to take care of one another. The goal of the community is to make sure that each member of the community is heard and is properly giving the gifts they have brought into this world..."

Words from Sobonfu Somé

Mission Statement

The mission of Organized Blocks Of Boyle Heights/First Blocks of Whittier Boulevard is to bring back the indigenous cultural values of respect for each other and see the Earth as a valued member of our community that we need to protect, be conscious of, and respect. As representatives of our Blocks, together we solve problems, work towards unity, share resources, collaborate with neighbors, and fight for each other when we are under attack.

The vision for this group is rooted in circular indigenous values of respecting, connecting with the earth as a living spiritual entity deserving of good thoughts and care. With that we remember and acknowledge the Uto-Mexica speaking Tongva Shoshone whose land we are in here in Yangna Los Angeles River Village.

The vision is for all of us here in BH to revive these teachings and for all of us to become members on our blocks by getting to know our neighbors, smile and help each other with resources to rebuild and heal our community with education, advocacy, and traditional medicine.

We are dedicated to solving the homeless crisis helping them come back to be contributing healed members of our society because we need them and they need us and we need each other.

We need to stop illegal dumpers and demand and expect the sufficient basic city services that we all deserve and need. This is a place for grassroots organizations and individuals can come together to help clean our city as well as share their gifts and needs so we can help each other out. The idea is that each person represents their street, takes care of their street works with their neighbors and gets in “good trouble” when needed.