Organized Neighbors Stepping Up to Do the City, County, State, and Federal Governments jobs.  We demand Sufficient  and efficient Basic city services.  We don't need "Underserved"  Communities in 2023 with our supposedly conscious Representatives for the people.

Latest News:

Vulcan Minerals Company and EKCO Metals Community Clean Up! 

On April 22, 2023, we will be hosting a community clean up at the corner of Washington Blvd. /Soto St. This locations is very polluted, there is trash everywhere, and clearly neglected. We need your help! 

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 Our Mission 

The mission of Organized Blocks Of Boyle Heights/First Blocks of Whittier Boulevard is to bring back the indigenous cultural values of respect for each other and see the Earth as a valued member of our community that we need to protect, be conscious of, and respect. As representatives of our Blocks, together we solve problems, work towards unity, share resources, collaborate with neighbors, and fight for each other when we are under attack.

Look Familiar? It Shouldn't. 

For years, major streets in Boyle Heights and East Los Angeles have been denied decent and frequent cleaning services. Even City Officials agree: our streets have never been more trashed. 

It's common sense. By requiring ground crews to sweep our major streets, not only will our community be cleaner, but the City would be doing its job in directing its well-established cleaning system to look after our streets as they do Beverly Hills or Hollywood. This is an issue that touches everyone from children to students to longtime residents. There is no reason as to why we shouldn’t deserve to see, feel and experience clean streets in our own neighborhood.

That's Where We Come In...

Organized Blocks Of Boyle Heights/First Blocks of Whittier Boulevard is a GrassRoots organization made up of hundreds of volunteers from all Blocks in Boyle Heights and East Los Angeles. We have done 30 community clean-ups and have collected over 230,000 pounds or 100 tons of trash.

All of this and we can’t get a proper meeting with our CD14 Representative Kevin de León.  

Kevin de Leons office cancelling 10/19 meeting because we wanted the community present in solidarity with FBOWB mission. 

Latest News 

Keep yourself updated with the latest from our fight for cleaner streets, roaming street cleaning crews, and the respectable living conditions our Eastside neighbors deserve. 

When you like and share our posts, it helps prove to our local representatives that they are not doing enough to address the out-of-hand issues of illegal dumping and dirty streets. Please support our group by sharing our page with your family and friends.

 Neighborhood Leaders

Meet some of the volunteers behind this campaign, people who love this neighborhood and are fighting for basic respect from City Hall. 



Upcoming Events

We are tired of no accountability for negligent property and business owners and have cleaned in front of their places time and time again. Keep yourself updated on our next community clean-ups and we encourage you to bring your family and friends. 

Next clean up: Our Feb. 22, 2023 clean up is postponed due to the rain it will be now on Mother Earth Day

When: Earth Day Saturday April 22, 2023

Where: Washington /Soto Los Angeles,  (Boyle Heights) 90023

Park in the alley in a single file line next to the Borrego de Oro

Time: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM


We work hard to make sure that our initiatives truly impact our communities and have the flexibility to design solutions that can make our home a better place. BUT, we can’t do that without everyone’s help.

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